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BRICS Education Tour

Change should always begin with us and begin at home.

Coming home, Mayibuye Mandela returns to his high school in Langa for their first class as part of the African Innovation Solution “What is BRICS?” education and integration project.

Mayibuye Mandela, the great grandson of late Nelson Mandela, is a political figure and activist in South Africa, who along with Gina Brown, whose extensive worldly experience and knowledge, speaking nine languages, and active in the field of international relations and economic development, elaborated on BRICS, its importance and what it means for South Africa and the wider community.

Presenting to Grade 10s, Gina introduced the concept of economic trading blocs and international financial systems, giving historic context to the emergence of BRICS (Brazil, India, China, South Africa alliance).

As they were presenting, Mandela engaged with the class in both English and Xhosa. Mandela observed that although the students were well-informed about economic principles and topics yet were unaware of BRICS.

Intrigued and curious by the concept of BRICS, the students peppered the presenters with questions. One student asked what the benefits are for South Africa, while another questioned whether it meant South Africa was moving from one master to another. They also wanted to know if China is a friend or a danger and how to mitigate threats, whilst yet another queried if the country was excluding itself from the World Bank, by aligning with the BRICS movement, and how the country would survive if it was.

When the question arose as to when South Africa joined BRICS – another student remarked that South Africa is always late, to which the class responded with laughter.

Gina and Mayibuye were impressed with the level of understanding that the students had about economic principles and topics. They were also pleased with the students’ curiosity and willingness to learn about “BRICS”. It was a vibrant, quick-paced and encouraging environment.
Gina and Mayibuye’s visit to Langa High School helped broaden the students’ knowledge of economic systems and trading blocs. It was a fantastic opportunity for the students to learn about global economic affairs and how they relate to South Africa. The educators left the classroom feeling satisfied that they had made a positive impact on the students and inspired them to learn more about the world around them.

As the ever-expanding BRICS alliance sets the stage for playing a more important part in South Africa’s future, teaching South African youth about what the alliance is and what it can offer, will play an increasing role in determining the country’s economic future.

As the BRICS economies continue to grow, there will be significant opportunities for South African businesses to expand into these markets. Preparing young people to take advantage of these opportunities, can help to create jobs and promote prosperity in South Africa itself, which is part of African Innovation Solutions’ remit.

To continue education around the benefits of BRICS, Gina Brown and Mayibuye Mandela will continue visiting other interested schools and institutions of learning.

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