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Our Story

About Us

Africa Innovation (Pty) Ltd (AI) is an innovation incubator and accelerator for African small businesses and start-ups. A hub that brings young tech revolutionists together to diversify the tech spectrum to build and enhance themselves within information and communications technology.

AI promotes human development and advancement. Africa Innovation is a contributor to the technology revolution. AI positively considers technological revolution as a period in which one or more technologies are quickly supplanted by another revolutionary technology.

It is a period of accelerated technical advancement characterised by new innovations, the quick application and diffusion of which often results in a significant shift in society. We help African entrepreneurs, small companies, and innovators to put disruptive concepts into practice.

The organisational and management structure of African Innovation consists of a Chairperson, Chief Innovation Officer, Content Officer, two other officers, an administrator, and an intern. The mission of the Africa Innovation is to organise the world’s information and make it accessible and useful to the disadvantaged and disabled. Bringing innovative technology from around the world to a central platform in Africa.

AIs primary purpose of doing academic internships is so that pupils can better understand the theories, ideas, and practices of information and communication technology by actively engaging them in hands-on, work-based, learning experience; these internships will be an exciting way to learn. 100% of AI interns will be prepared for career and life as young adults who are self-aware, self-confident, highly literate in ICT and ready to design and redesign their future as it unfolds.

We see no boundaries to technological innovation as it spreads globally, and SMME development will be given significant consideration. 

Founded and helmed by a 29-year-old proud African, Palesa Nangu, Africa Innovation Solutions (AIS) is an incubator of innovation of African SMMEs, Technopreneurs and Big Idea Thinkers and a platform for knowledge to help start-ups get ahead.

AIS provides a platform for entrepreneurs, early stage start-ups, SMMEs and innovators to showcase their solutions to many of the challenges that face the African continent. We act as a resource hub as well as matchmakers between ideas and investment.

Our aim is not only to help start-ups take-off but to bring information on innovation from around the world to South Africa’s disadvantaged citizens to inspire them to think beyond their current frame of reference to new and possible horizons.

Information and opportunity all on one easily navigable and accessible platform.

Our mission as Africa Innovation Solutions, is to collate and present global information on innovation and advancement, and make it accessible and useful to all of Africa’s people, with the sole purpose of expanding horizons and further encouraging innovation that can secure the continent’s future – Africa for Africans.

African Innovation Solutions’ vision is to use its platforms to showcase African innovation to generate socio-economic sustainability for the African continent through the creative innovation of its citizens, for whom necessity is often the creator of invention, from which the world at large can benefit.

Meet The Team

Airo Huang

Chairperson | Head Of Finance

Palesa Nangu


Nolwandle Ntshiza

Communications Director

Nikiwe Nongcula


Airo Huang – Chairperson | Head of Finance | Shareholder

Airo earned her Honours in Finance from the University of Cape Town, and is an expert in financial analysis. Detail oriented, Airo is tasked with overseeing the efficient use of funds, creating financial strategies, analysing investments, and ensuring legal and regulatory compliance.

Palesa Nangu – CEO

A visionary with an MBA received in the United States, Palesa Nangu with her background in marketing and communications, as well as corporate strategy, has the skills to lead the company into the future. Palesa is passionate about helping start-ups grow to success, but don’t underestimate her chilled exterior, which masks a razor-sharp intellect and insight that has the measure of the continent’s innovative pulse.

Nolwandle Ntshiza – Communications Director

With a BA in Communication and Psychology, as well as a graduate Diploma in Advertising, Nolwandle has the expertise to help guide not only the company in its messaging, but will be part of the advisory team assisting early-stage start-ups in formulating their go-to-market plans. Nolwandle understands the importance of not only creating appropriate messaging but condensing it to fit an information driven digital era in concise and appealing bytes.

Nikiwe Nongcula – Administrator

Nikiwe is a talented and experienced public management developer with expertise in database management, meeting scheduling, office supply service, email writing, organising office supplies, organising and maintaining records, files, and databases, as well as organising and maintaining office equipment. She will take on a leadership role, ensuring that the office runs smoothly.